How to enable email piping on WHMCS / allow email replies to come through in WHMCS

If you’re using email WHMCS for managing the billing and hosting clients, you would know there is a feature which allows creating a support ticket or sending replies to an already created support ticket. It’s called email piping and fairly simple to implement it if you are using cPanel or Direct Admin. Here is how to do it.

  • First of all change the permissions of /pipe/pipe.php to 0755 if it’s not already.
  • Now goto the email forwarders section and click on advanced in case of cPanel.
  • If you’re using the x3 theme on cPanel, enter “public_html/whmcs-installation-folder/pipe/pipe.php” without the quotes under “
  • If you’re not using the x3 theme or using any other software than cPanel, you will have to enter something like this: something like this ” | php -q /home/username/whmcs-installation-folder/whmcs/pipe/pipe.php”

That’s it. Now you can check if it’s working or not by sending a test email. But be sure not to use the admin email ids otherwise the emails will be ignored considering replying to tickets by an admin is normal. In case you’re facing any difficulties let me know by commenting below.

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