Unlocking AIRTEL 3G USB MODEM(Huawei)

How to unlock Huawei Airtel 3G Dongle E1731

This post explains the procedure for unlocking the Airtel Huawie e1731 3g Dongle for using it with any available networks, such as Tata Docomo, Idea,Vodafone etc! The procedure is pretty straight forward.

Unlocking AIRTEL 3G USB MODEM(Huawei)


  1. Open your Airtel Dash board and choose Diagnostics from the menu.
  2. Note down the IMEI number.
  3. Download this file: E173 Firmware (Download it From Here)
  4. Download this file: Universal master code (download here)
  5. Open the Universal Master code and enter your imei number over there. You will get the unlock code and flash code from this. You can use this online generator instead of downloading this Universal Master code file. See the online code generator here: http://a-zgsm.com/huawei.php. Note down the codes.
  6. Now open up the downloaded firmware(from step 3) and click on next until it asks for the password. Type in the unlock code over there. If it fails open up again and this time enter the flash code. It will work. Click on next and wait till it finishes.
  7. Click on finish and remove and re insert the airtel dongle.

Thats it, you have unlocked your device. If you have any questions or and feedbacks, please let me know! :)

26 thoughts on “How to unlock Huawei Airtel 3G Dongle E1731”

  1. It shows …"The device you connected is not a firmware" But in TOOLS–DIAGNOSTIC MENU IT SHOWS firmware VERSION :
    PLZ send me the remedy…

  2. HEy i have unlocked my airtel 3g dongle. thank you so much!!! man……… Just enter unlock code or flash code and do the steps correctly….. Now i can browse internet with any sim… thank you very mUCHHHH bro!!!!

    You are great!!!!!

    1. how did u do Please tell me, i am having unlock code but i dont know how to unlock. i also updated the firmware for 21.157 version. i dont know how to proceed further

  3. i have tried to unlock my airtel dongle, after i enter the password it is not processing and it shows an error failed to update can i get solution for this please..

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