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Request A Free Review

Finding reviews service for your websites, your android applications etc are hard nowadays. With so many people popping up saying “I can review it for $XX!” you never know if you’re going to get the bang for your buck that you want and deserve.

If you’re looking for a review service which will give an honest opinion on your product and answers that all important question of ‘Is it worth it?”, then look no further. I am offering a free review service here. You can request you android app reviews, website reviews, service reviews, product reviews etc. The review will cost you nothing and in return you get an honest review from me. Continue reading

How to: Install Facebook Home on any Mobile – Android Only

You might have already heard the buzz about Facebook’s new android launcher. The only sad part about it was, Facebook Home was not available for all the smart-phones which run android. Now if you wondered how you can install facebook home launcher and use it as the default launcher, here is the way to do just that. Continue reading

Get an Android App for Website for Just $25

If you want an application for your website or your friends’ website and if you are not into android programming here is your chance. I can code one app for you. The app will be like facts app and you will be able to update the app from your end and whenever you want without any knowledge of android programming or any additional costs! Continue reading

Review of One of the best video converters – movavi.com

Here I am writing a review for one of the best video converter software I have ever tried.

Look & Feel

The software has got very nice look and feel. the way they’ve worked on the buttons and other graphics are simply incredible. One look at the software and we are a fan of it. The Video Preview window, the button to start the conversion, the option for selecting the presets and the button for customizing the presets, etc everything is arranged very neatly and in a proper way. Overall its very easy on the eyes too.

Feature Sets

First of all I will have to write about the extensive file type support they are having. I would say they support almost all possible file types one person would ever use. AVI, MPEG-1,2, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP (3GPP), 3G2 (3GPP2), MOV (QT), MKV, FLV, DVD (VOB, IFO), MOD, DAT, M2T (MTS), VRO, HTML5 (WebM, OGV), MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, Monkey’s Audio, etc to name a few.

It has lots of other feature sets such as capturing any frame, converting an entire dvd or a group of files, converting through command line, sharing online, uploading to psp, adding water mark to the videos etc. Along with these options this video converter do have all those options which are common to almost all the other converters. For example, cropping, increasing brightness etc.

There are lots of predefined presets for converting the videos. These number of presets are large enough to include almost all standard video resolutions, and almost all standard devices such as ipad, ipod touch, iphone, microsoft zune, all android devices, samsung, PSP, Nokia, BlackBerry, etc.

This application has one added advantage of making use of the graphics adapter of our system to speed up the whole conversion process. As of now this feature support only for nvidia powered systems. I hope they will add their support also to the other manufactures’ graphics adapters soon. For now I say I am quite more than just satisfied for these options.

There is also an option to add the converted videos or audios directly to the itunes library using this application.

Overall Verdict

The application developers have done a very good job in my opinion. They have created a masterpiece with almost all the options one could include in a video converter. For now they are providng this tool for free as a 30 day trial version. I hope you download this video converter and check it out.

Apple IPhone Siri

Siri is awesome, But the people who cracked it are more Awesome, yes you heard it right, Siri has been cracked

When I first saw Apple’s Siri in action, I was incredibly amazed. It was the perfect anything can get. A Perfect Virtual assistant. You can chit chat to it, ask for suggestions, ask for weather predictions(in a weird way and it will reply with the most accurate answer) and lots more. the possibilities were endless. Now I realized the bad news, just like all other apple products, it can only be used with an apple product. That meant it will never come to any other devises unless its from apple. I was sad, so sad, that I wanted to buy one iphone. But I didn’t, not because I didn’t like Siri that much, but because I don’t quite like Iphone or any IOS devices.

But as I am writing this post about someone cracking the Siri, I am happier than ever. That means, now the technology is out there, its free from the apple’s prison. The guys from Appilidium has done it very well. Now I guess more and more people will try to accomplish the impossible, and one day it may even succeed. Yes I meant one day it may come to android/windows device.

As per the techcrunch post, the tl;dr is this.

 tl;dr breakdown:

  • By connecting Siri to a local router and then dumping data as it came through, they realized that Siri was sending all of its data to a server that we’ll refer to as “Guzzoni”.
  • All trafic sent to Guzzoni was sent through the HTTPS protocol. With the “S” in HTTPS standing for “Secure”, this traffic wasn’t subject to simple packet sniffing. So they had a new idea: make a fake Guzzoni server, and see what came through on the other end.
  • After a good bit of ridiculously clever SSL certificate trickery, they got Siri sending commands to their fake server. With each command comes the “X-Ace-Host” string, which appears to be unique to each iPhone 4S.
  • After figuring out how Apple was compressing (read: not encrypting) the data, Applidium was able to decompress it and parse out a rough sketch of exactly what was being sent (including which audio codec Apple was using), and what Siri expected in return.

You may read the whole post from this link directly from the guys who cracked it. There they have given a  collection of tools by which you might even try this whole thing by your own.