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How to: Make your Linux with Gnome look cooler than Windows 7

The first reason for any normal computer user to use Windows 7 is its cooler look and faster performance. Extended support for themes, desktop gadgets, sidebar etc are helping windows 7 to look nice. The people who uses linux for every day use is increasing day by day, but still its not even close to the numbers of windows users. The main reason is being the ugly user interface, which is not the truth but what most people think.

Now in a KDE desktop, for example Kubuntu, all these effects which windows 7 boasts to have, are there. But what about the Gnome Lovers, so thats why I am writing this blog post today. Gnome can be made lot more cooler than even windows 7 with the use of some tools. Cairo-Dock/Glx-Dock is on of this kind application.

With Cairo Dock we can make the Gnome desktop look like anything we want. The best feature of this cairo-dock is, it is customizable to very high extend. Cairo-Dock is a bar to launch applications hosted (or dock, to the way Mac OS X) incorporating in its latest versions, management of plugins as desklets (or widgets) directly displayed on the desktop of user icons such “interactive”. Incorporated by Fabrice Rey (aka Fabounet) and developed on Ubuntu (also works on other distributions and desktop environments Linux in 32 or 64 bit) it allows quick launching favorite applications directly from the user’s desktop.  A manager of transparency as Compiz Fusion, Beryl, Compiz or Metacity associated with xcompmgr is necessary.  The dock also works under XFCE (with the composite manager xfwm4 or Compiz), and normally with KDE since Kwin manages the composition display.

You can find the installation instruction HERE. Information for Ubuntu Users are available HERE.

PS: If you are experiencing any issues after the install, just right click and quit the application and then launch it by using the -c switch. like cairo-dock -c.

Also if you are using Radeon cards, you may want to add the boot parameter radeon.modeset=1.

If you got any doubts ask me, through he comments. Here are some desktops which uses Cairo-Dock.