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Facebook says, You don’t make US angry, we will beat you to death

Everyone who uses FACEBOOK, will know lamebook. Well if you don’t know, just goto lamebook.com. But being so famous (well, because of facebook), now facebook, don’t like them. Facebook disabled all postings, shares, like’ings etc etc that relate to lamebook.com.

To know more about this issue, Read the following story , a story which techcrunch.com reported today!

Just make sure not to do something that might make Facebook angry. Otherwise it might nuke every link to your site, choking off this river of traffic that you’ve worked so hard to build.

That’s the message Facebook sent today with its censorship of links to Lamebook, a humor site that posts lewd conversations spotted on the social network. Facebook has confirmed that it is automatically blocking all links to Lamebook and that it has also removed the company’s ‘Fan’ page. Not because the content was offensive, mind you, but because Facebook doesn’t like Lamebook.

The move was precipitated by a legal battle between the two companies. Lamebook filed for a declaratory judgement earlier this month that would assert that it is not violating Facebook’s trademark (the two parties have apparently been in negotiations over this for some time). Unsurprisingly, Facebook followed that up with a suit alleging that Lamebook violated its trademark.

Okay, so Facebook doesn’t like Lamebook’s name. I don’t agree with Facebook’s stance, but fair enough — it isn’t the first big company that’s overzealous when it comes to protecting its trademark. But by blocking Lamebook’s content, Facebook is crossing a line.

Not only is it currently impossible to share a Lamebook link to your News Feed or a friend’s Facebook Wall — you can’t even include them as part of a direct message or email to friends (you get an error message indicating that it’s “abusive or spammy”, which isn’t even accurate). That’s completely outrageous, and it’s a warning flag that comes only a few days after Facebook announced a new hybrid email/IM/SMS product. Do you really want someone to be censoring your outbound email?

Hey Facebook, now what? I want to be your homepage!

venturebeat.com reported that facebook is now starting a push to get users to make it their default homepage. In fact, that’s exactly what they are doing with a new “Make Facebook Home” button that is beginning to appear on the top of user’s profiles.

They reported:

Users logging in may be prompted by several pictures of their friends and a customized sentence reading, “See what’s happening with Stephanie, Kim and the rest of your friends the moment you open your browser.” At the end of the sentence is a large blue button that reads “Make Facebook Home.” Upon clicking (which I didn’t want to do) the user has a choice of either making the page their homepage or adding to their homepage tabs.

One can’t help but wonder if this is an attempt to compete with Google and its seeming dominance as a homepage. While Facebook users may be spending more and more time on the service, I can’t imagine people seeing it as beneficial as Google and it’s powerful search capabilities.

We’ve asked Facebook how widely the new feature is being rolled out and when we get a response we will let you know. The company is probably testing the service now to see the adoption rate and whether people see Facebook as a homepage. My bet, is that they click “cancel.”

Retweet Facebook version Comes.

Now facebook gives its users a  “via” feature that lets repost another user’s shared items, with a “via” link attached for attribution. This feateure is likely to available for everyone. To try it, just go to a friend’s posted item in your news feed, click “share,” and you’ll see a “via [your friend’s name]” with an option to remove it. After sharing the shared item will appear on your profile, with a via link that points to your friend’s profile. Your friends will also see the item in their News Feeds, creating the viral loop just like the twitter retweet.

Currently, the feature only works for posted links. See the below posted Pic for knowing how this works.

McAfee gives away its Internet Security Suite to all Facebook Users

The Computer Security Giant McAfee along with the Social Community Networking Giant Facebook are taking a big step to improve the security of normal computer users. Today USAtoday posted anews saying,

Tonight, they announced McAfee will make a complimentary six-month subscription of its Internet Security Suite software available to Facebook’s 350 million users.

After six months, Facebook users will be eligible for a special discounted subscription for the software package, which offers PCs protection from viruses, spyware and other online threats.

All users should join the fan page for McAfee to avail this offer. McAfee Internet Security Suite will initially be available to Facebook users in the U.S., UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Google Gives YouTube Its Own Short URLs

Recently Google launched its own URL Shortening Service “goo.le” .Now it gives youtube also another URL Shortening Service. The domain is “youtu.be”.

To use youtu.be manually, simply take a URL like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdeioVndUhs and replace the “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=” with “http://youtu.be/” to get: http://youtu.be/FdeioVndUhs Plug that shorter URL into a browser, and you’ll see it redirects to that video.

The shortener is exclusive to YouTube links (no surprise, less spam). Its primary function is to share YouTube videos and channels with friends, mostly through YouTube’s AutoShare feature, which syndicates your activity on YouTube to Twitter (Twitter), Facebook (Facebook), and elsewhere.

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