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Make Firefox 3.6 open Tabs in Old Style – Open tabs at Far Right

In Firefox 3.6 the newly opened tabs are opened at just to the right of the tab they launched from. For some users this may be very nice features, but not for everyone. So mozilla have a tweak by which we can revert back to the old style. For doing it, follow the below steps.

First Goto about:config in the address bar.
Then enter browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent in the search box of about:config.
Now set the value to False.

Thats it, from now onwards all the tabs will be opened at the far right part.

Now you can try the vice verse, I meant just try adding this boolean type in old firefox and set it as true, lets see what will happen. Share it on comments.

Via : Firefox 3.6 tips and tweak [Mozilla Links]

How to: Install Latest Version of Firefox in Linux

Installing the latest version of firefox in Linux is always a pain in the a**. Its not the most difficult thing to do with linux. But still a very few people manage to do this. Here I’m going to explain How to do it.

Download the Firefox from Here.
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Now extract it by right clicking or by using the command

sudo tar xvjf filename.tar.bz2

Now move it to the installation folder by issuing the command,

sudo mv firefox-3.6 /usr/lib/

Now Update all firefox Shortcuts in the System by creating a link in /usr/bin. For that type in the following command.

sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/firefox-3.6/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Thats it. Done. Now when you open firefox, the updated version will be opened.

PS: After issuing the first command the system may ask for administrator password., So type in the password. Or if you already are the administrator or logged in as root, just avoid the sudo from each command.

Mozilla Launches Firefox 3.6

Mozilla today released Firefox 3.6, an update to its popular, free and open source Web browser. The latest version of Firefox introduces cutting-edge features, support for a wide variety of Web standards, and access to more than 6,000 free add-ons that allow users to customize their browser to their liking.

Blog Post about the Firefox 3.6 release says,

Firefox 3.6 is more than 20 percent faster than Firefox 3.5 and includes extensive under the hood work to improve performance for everyday Web tasks such as email, uploading photos, social networking, and more. It also delivers new features like customizable browser themes called Personas, a ground-breaking Plugin updater, improved JavaScript performance, and enhancements to familiar favorites like the Awesome Bar for a better, more personal Web experience.

Firefox 3.6 was built by Mozilla’s global community of passionate contributors, including thousands of experienced developers, security experts, localization and support communities, and hundreds of thousands of active testers. More than 350 million users worldwide enjoy Firefox’s fast, secure browsing experience and unparalleled customization.

Some New Features are:

  • Personas: Personalize the look of your Firefox by selecting new themes called Personas in a single click and without a restart
  • Plugin Updater: To keep you safe from potential security vulnerabilities, Firefox will now detect out of date plugins
  • Stability improvements: Firefox 3.6 significantly decreased crashes caused by third party software – all without sacrificing our extensibility in any way
  • Form Complete: When filling out an online form, Firefox suggests information for fields based on your common answers in similar field
  • Performance: Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness, and startup time
  • Open Video and Audio: With the world’s best implementation of HTML 5 audio and video support, now video can be displayed full screen and supports poster frames.

There is something for the Developers also:

  • Support for the latest HTML5 specification, including the File API for local file handling
  • Font Support: In addition to OpenType and TrueType fonts, 3.6 now supports the new Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
  • CSS gradients: Supports linear and radial CSS gradients which allow for a smoother transition between colors
  • Device orientation: Firefox 3.6 exposes the orientation of the laptop or device to Web pages.

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Firefox 3.6 final release delayed into 2010.

Mozilla on Thursday issued a fifth beta of Firefox 3.6 rather than move on to a release candidate, a decision that will push the final code ship date into early 2010. Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 was released as an update to current testers early Thursday, and can also be installed by others who download it from Mozilla’s site.

Beta 5 has 130 new bug fixes, including a major TraceMonkey JavaScript rendering engine bug that was causing crashes. Additionally, the private browsing mode, password retrieval and fast startup mode were updated.

“Beta 5 builds are being tested by QA now, targeting a Thursday release unless we get to RC [Release Candidate] first,” Mozilla had said earlier in the week. “We are really, really close to being code-complete & only need 8 more patches and a TraceMonkey merge. If we can go to build today or tomorrow, QA will scrap Beta 5 and we’ll release RC to the beta audience ASAP.”

“Mozilla released a fifth version of Firefox 3.6 to its more than 600,000 beta users as part of its continuing program to gather feedback and get fixes into the hands of the people evaluating the preview,” added Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, via CW. “We expect to be able to issue a release candidate before the end of this year, but we’ll likely hold off on the official release until early in the new year.”

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