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How To: Sync Ipod or IPhone in Ubuntu or in any Linux Using Itunes

Well first let me make it clear that, I am not using wine or any other syncing tools for Linux. I am actually using Virtual Box.

So First install the non GPL version of Virtual Boz in you linux. Then just install Windows Xp in this Virtual Box. You can read the article for setting up Virtual Box Here.

After setting up windows XP properly install itunes 8.2. You can download Itunes 8.2 from here.

Then Plugin your Ipod or Iphone to your system. Then for your guest to recognize the ipod/iphone you will have to make a change in the Virtual Box. In the virtual box guest window frame, You can see a USB icon. See the Pic below.

Right Click that icon and select the ipod/iphone Now If you open the itunes in The guest OS you will see the Ipod/Iphone is connected status.

Now if you need all the Music /  Video / Picture files to be accessed by from Windows XP, you need to create the shared folder in Virtual Box settings. For this select the Devices and Shared Folders from the top menu in the Guest Window. Then add the Muic/Video/Picture folder there.

Now for the ease of use, you can map these as network drives. For this Just right click on the “My Computer” in Windows XP and select Map Network Drive, and then browse to the shared “vboxsvr” folders. Also select a suitable Drive name. Now you can see you favorite media folders as Drives in your My Computer.

If you have done till this, you can just use the iTunes as you were using it in the Windows Machine.

Youtube to stream TV episodes at a rate of 1.99 USD – Rumor

According to All Things Digital, Google is currently in negotiations with the networks and studios to make such a service available to users of its video-sharing site in 2010.

Fox News also reports the same, ie., Google is negotiating with the media industry to stream individual TV episodes via YouTube, for a fee.

Youtube allow us to view some TV episode now only but ads are there. So if this rumor comes real, then it means TV episode without ads.

So I dont think its just a rumor, but still its not confirmed. Anyway I don’t know whether to say this is good or this is bad. This is because, Youtube will not allow us to download and keep it legally. But we are paying for it 1.99 USD per TV episode. There are people who want to keep it to watch it over and over not everyone, but believe me there are people.

Well this is not a good news for iTunes. The thing about iTunes is they allow us to download what we are paying for. Will Youtube add an option like this. MAn then this is going to be huge. I mean REAL huge.

The sources say negotiations are still in preliminary stages but that both sides “seem optimistic”.

FCC Investigating Apple For Google Voice App Rejection

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YES. The FCC is now looking into Apple’s chickenshit shenanigans with Google Voice, asking whether AT&T was involved, why it was rejected and what the hell’s going on with this Google Voice thing.

The request is part of a broader-ranging inquiry by the commission on exclusive deals between cell phone carriers and handset manufacturers for hot phones. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said Thursday that the FCC wants to look into rural areas where customers can’t buy the latest fancy phones because of such exclusive deals.

This doesn’t signal, by any means, that Google Voice is going to get onto the iPhone, but it does put some pressure onto Apple to not pull moves like this in the future. [WSJ]