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Latest Microsoft Update Causes ‘Black Screen Of Death’

Almost all of you are aware of the (in)famous ‘Blue screen of death‘ a.k.a. ‘BSOD’.

Its nothing but a colloquialism used for the error screen displayed by some operating systems, most notably Microsoft Windows, after encountering a critical system error that can cause the system to shut down to prevent irreversible damage to the system’s integrity. It serves to present information for diagnostic purposes that was collected as the operating system issued a bug check.

Now this will happen if you have corrupt driver, corrupt softwares, bad hardwares etc etc.

But now comes Black Screen of death. Now this time it comes because of nothing but the famous windows Update Patches. The latest Windows Update Patches are causing some systems “Black Screen of Death“.

The Security firm PrevX have reported this issue, And they are offering a free tool to fix this Black Screen of Death.

How to Fix Black Screen of Death

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How to Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows

PrevX is offering a free tool for fixing Black Screen of Death.

The Steps as prevX says to fix this are:

1) Restart your PC

2) Logon and wait for the black screen to appear

3) Make sure your PC should be able to connect to the internet (black screen does not appear to affect this)

4)Press the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys simultaneously

5) When prompted, Click Start Task Manager

6) In Task Manager Click on the Application Tab

7) Next Click New Task

8) Now enter the command:

“C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” “http://info.prevx.com/download.asp?GRAB=BLACKSCREENFIX”

Note this command assumes that you are using internet explorer as your browser, of not substitute your browser path and file details for thos of iexplore.exe or use the Browser option of Task manager to locate it.

9) Click OK and your browser should start up and begin the download process

10) When prompted for the download Click run, the black screen fix program will download and run to automatically fix the issue.

11) Now restart your PC and the black screen problem will hopefully be gone.

But this will not Fix all kind of Black Screen of Deaths, simply cause there could be a million reasons why it happened. But if it is happened by the latest Windows Update, you can try this tool as most probably this will help you.

And another workaround is:

When the Black Screen of death appears, just hit ctrl+alt+del a few times.

Then you will get the option for taskmanager, take that.

Then goto process tab and find out if explorer.exe is working. If its there right click and click on end process tree.

Then Goto Applications tab, and then select the new process button. In the prompted window just type explorer.exe and press enter.

As I said earlier , The cause of Black Screen of Death can be a million, so this work around also will not work for all types of Black Screen Of Death.

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August 20, Last Date to Get WIndows 7 RC for Free

Microsoft’s set a date, laid out their prices and started taking orders, but cheapskates: don’t fret! You’ve still got until the 20th to get a near-finished version of the OS for free. Which you should, for all kinds of reasons.

The obvious ones: Microsoft is still using this to test for bugs, so you using a late-stage Release Candidate now equals faster security and usability updates after Windows 7 later. But more importantly, you get to try Windows 7 for an extended period now—you’ll have until March before Microsoft starts forcefully shutting your computer down every two hours—before you commit to buying. Thursday may be your last day to nab an official download, but even then, Microsoft says they’ll be handing out license keys for a while; you’ll just have to supply your own copy of Windows. Microsoft is practically asking telling you to torrent Windows.

You should try it now, but wait to buy—prices will almost certainly come down before or after launch—maybe not very soon, but certainly before your RC expires and/or becomes an aggressive annoyance.

A few things to chew on while Windows 7’s works through its prerelease “awkward phase:”

• A characteristically confusing upgrade chart, which won’t help you at all.

• A much less confusing guide to Windows 7’s price tiers, as well as a glimpse at some expired deals that you can expect to see again in a few months.

• A full review of the final, soon-to-be-released version of Windows 7, in case you’re still not convinced that a free copy of the best version of Windows, ever, is worth downloading.

Everything else you need to know to enjoy your borrowed copy of the OS for the next six months or so.