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How to download files using torrents – Video Tutorial

This tutorial explains how you can download your favorite file using torrents. I am using utorrent as the torrent client and the piratebay for downloading torrents. After watching the video tutorial if you have any doubts you can ask me through the comments section.


How to open Magnet links From FireFox

If you have tried in most of the cases the magnet links will not open if we just click on the link torrent sites provide. It just throws some error. But not anymore. now after reading this article you will be able to click the magnet link and firefox will open your favourite torrent client and start download.

For Windows:

Open NotePad and type the following in it:


@="URL:magnet Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Application\\program.exe\" \"%1\""

Replace  C:\\Program Files\\Application\\program.exe with the program you want to run. Note that backslashes must be doubled and the additional slashes and quotes before the path must not be removed. Save the file something as “name.reg”, then double-click it to insert into the Windows registry.

For Linux:

Type about:config into the address bar and press Enter.
Right-click -> New -> Boolean -> Name: network.protocol-handler.external.magnet -> Value -> true
Right-click -> New -> String -> Name: network.protocol-handler.app.magnet -> Value -> /usr/sbin/azureus
Ensure network.protocol-handler.expose-all is set to true. (mine was already)

Make sure you have the right path to azureus (it might be something like /usr/sbin/azureus if the standard repo’s are used perhaps?)

To check it ->  System -> Preferences -> Menu Layout
Then use the left panel to navigate to the internet menu, then right clicked azureus and chose properties. this shows the path to the executable.

Thats it. Now all Magnet links will open in the particular torrent client( if the torrent client supports the openingof magnet links like this.).

I think qBittorrent does not support this kind of opening. But of course it supports Magnet Links.

Import torrent downloads from Windows to Linux and Linux to Windows.

For the people who knows how to do this may seem like why I am even writing this. But still there are people who dont know this.

First You will have to get the downloaded files and the torrent used for downloading. Get all the files which you want to resume in Linux in some sort of storage media if you are looking forward to format windows partition or you have encryption enables for the partition. Also get the torrent files (files with .torrent extension which you used to download).

In windows 7 if you are using utorrent you can get it from “C:\Users\obscurant1st\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent”.

You can find the path just by simple google search. So I’m leaving that job to you. And by if any chance you dont have the torrent file, just search in any torrent indexing site or if you remember from where you downloaded that torrent just go there. Then search for the name and get the right torrent. Here you will have to use your logic. Now after finding the right torrent download it and copy it to the linux desktop.

Now install qBittorrent in Linux. I’m using ubuntu 9.10 a.k.a. Karmic. Now mount the Windows Partition or if you have copied the partially downloaded files just copy it to the Home directory in linux. Then open qBittorrent and then take options, preferences & then downloads. In that change the download location to the directory to which you have copied the partially downloaded files. In this case the location will be “/home/<username>/”.  Now drag and drop the torrent files to the qBittorrent window. Now it will check for the integrity of the partially downloaded files if everything is in the right order, it will start downloading from where it stopped.

PS: Another good idea is to give the location of the windows Directory where the torrent downloads are located in the qBittorrent. The advantage is that now you can use linux for resuming. and after that if you had to logon to windows, then also you can resume from where linux stopped downloading.

Demonoid is BACK – An early christmas present for bittorrent scene

As millions of people wait for the arrival of Christmas in just a couple of weeks time, the festivities have come early for BitTorrent fans. A few hours ago the mighty Demonoid fully returned and the good news is that there appears to be little data loss. Users are feverishly uploading fresh torrents right now.

In September, Demonoid, one of the world’s most important and well-loved trackers, went down with overwhelming hardware problems.

An update on the situation was not good, with the site owners forecasting severe data loss. Some user data and torrent files were predicted to be lost forever and the site’s code had been seriously damaged.

Then, on November 5th, Demonoid’s tracker began to function again, which was followed by another announcement by the site owners. None of the negative rumors and speculation were true – Demonoid would soon return.

“The parts of the site code that got deleted are being rewritten and should be ready soon. We are also working to try and minimize the data loss as much as possible,” they announced.

Since then, nothing much has happened, but a few hours ago Demonoid users discovered they are to get an early Christmas present.

At around 1:30am EST, Demonoid reappeared and started accepting logins from registered users.

“Hello! We are currently testing the newly written code. More downtime is hopefully not necessary, but might be a possibility. Welcome back, we missed you!” the admins said in an announcement.

In respect of the concerns over data loss, it appears that the latest database entries run to Friday September 11th 2009, but of course, Demonoid users are already uploading new torrents, reported to be as many as 150 thus far.

A TorrentFreak reader who as been following the situation since the site’s return told us: “Some users on the IRC channel (which still is active) report not being able to log in. Those that can log in have all noticed that their ratios were pretty much what they remembered them to be before the long downtime. I was able to log in just fine on my first attempt with correct ratio as well.”

As the site deals with various issues, it became a little unstable around 2 to 3 hours after its initial return and then went down again around 4:00am EST.

Although Demonoid’s RSS feeds aren’t functioning, at the time of writing the site appears to be running again, and displaying their famous demon logo all decked out in a santa hat.

Christmas really has come early for Demonoid fans. All that is need now is a gift for everyone in the community – a period of open registrations.


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