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Google goggles to come up with Translation of Texts from Photos

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Google demonstrated a new prototype of the technology , which can translate the text from any given photo. Well Google Goggles is Google’s experimental Android visual search application.

Google’s Blog Post about this said,

You may wonder what’s happening in the background. On the simplest level, this prototype connects the phone’s camera to an optical character recognition (OCR) engine, recognizes the image as text and then translates that text into English with Google Translate.Right now this technology only works for German-to-English translations and it’s not yet ready for prime time. However, it shows a lot of promise for what the future might hold. Soon your phone will be able to translate signs, posters and other foreign text instantly into your language. Eventually, we’re hoping to build a version of Google Goggles that can translate between all of the 52 languages currently supported by Google Translate — bringing even more information to you on the go.

Google Translate With new and amazing features

Google announced three new features for their translating service Google Translate – (as google says it) a service that helps people access information throughout the world by enabling them to automatically translate text and and web pages into their own language. Google Translate offers 51 languages, representing over 98% of Internet users today.

Now these added features are just awesome.

The features are,

  • Instant Translation
  • Read and Write Any language
  • Text to Speech conversion

Now this instant translation helps us to avoid pressing the translate button. It will show the translated word as you are typing it. Now that is cool right. But something more cooler is the next one.

Lets say you want the translation to good morning in Chinese. Yes it will show the translated words in Chinese with Chinese letters. But you don’t know how to read it. Now Click on “Show romanization” to read the text written phonetically in English. Now this is cooler, I told you.

Right now, this works for all non-Roman languages except for Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

Now comes coolest of all. at least I think so. When translating into English, you can now also hear translations in spoken form by clicking the Speaker Icon.

View this video for more.