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How to Make a Welcome Page for your Facebook Page using Static HTML – Video Tutorial

How to Make a Welcome Page for your Facebook Page using Static HTML:

Static fbml application used to do this. But as now facebook is not allowing us to install static fbml to new pages, we can make use of this static html. this is somewhat better than the static fbml.

Sidenote: Static FBML cannot be installed to pages as of now!

In this video tutorial I will show how to create a welcome page for your [age in facebook using static html application. After creating the page, you can make it a default landing page by clicking on “Edit Page” button and changing the option “Default Landing Page” in “Manage Permissions”.

This is the html code I used in my page!

<div align=center><img src=”http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/253262_251675544844380_182379048440697_1080456_4148773_n.jpg”></img><br />   <font face=”verdana” color=”green”<h2>Welcome to CityVille Fans Page</h2></font><br />   <font face=”verdana” color=”black”> Enjoy you stay here and share anything!</font>   <br />    <h4><font face=”comicsans” color=”blue”>Please Share the Page. We Really Appreciate that!</font></h4><br /> <fb:share-button href=”http://facebook.com/cityvillefanspage” /> </div>

If you have any doubts Please ask me in the comments!

Google Gives YouTube Its Own Short URLs

Recently Google launched its own URL Shortening Service “goo.le” .Now it gives youtube also another URL Shortening Service. The domain is “youtu.be”.

To use youtu.be manually, simply take a URL like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdeioVndUhs and replace the “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=” with “http://youtu.be/” to get: http://youtu.be/FdeioVndUhs Plug that shorter URL into a browser, and you’ll see it redirects to that video.

The shortener is exclusive to YouTube links (no surprise, less spam). Its primary function is to share YouTube videos and channels with friends, mostly through YouTube’s AutoShare feature, which syndicates your activity on YouTube to Twitter (Twitter), Facebook (Facebook), and elsewhere.

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Groom changes Facebook Relationship status at the Altar

Weird things are happening again and again. Now one guy at his marriage brought a cellphone for changing the relationship status immediately after his marriage, at the Altar itself.

During his wedding ceremony, Dana Hanna whipped out his mobile device and not only changed his relationship status to married on Facebook, but also sent out a tweet announcing that the couple had become man and wife.

See the Video Here, the whole thing is taped.

Youtube to stream TV episodes at a rate of 1.99 USD – Rumor

According to All Things Digital, Google is currently in negotiations with the networks and studios to make such a service available to users of its video-sharing site in 2010.

Fox News also reports the same, ie., Google is negotiating with the media industry to stream individual TV episodes via YouTube, for a fee.

Youtube allow us to view some TV episode now only but ads are there. So if this rumor comes real, then it means TV episode without ads.

So I dont think its just a rumor, but still its not confirmed. Anyway I don’t know whether to say this is good or this is bad. This is because, Youtube will not allow us to download and keep it legally. But we are paying for it 1.99 USD per TV episode. There are people who want to keep it to watch it over and over not everyone, but believe me there are people.

Well this is not a good news for iTunes. The thing about iTunes is they allow us to download what we are paying for. Will Youtube add an option like this. MAn then this is going to be huge. I mean REAL huge.

The sources say negotiations are still in preliminary stages but that both sides “seem optimistic”.

YouTube to Live Stream Alicia Keys Concert Worldwide

Last October, when youtube did this, it became on of the biggest live stream event. It wat a U2 concert and it generated  more than 10 million streams across 7 continents.

Now this time youtube streams Alicia Keys Concert Worldwide. Alicia Keys concert being live streamed on December 1st at 8pm ET.

The concert will be held at the Nokia Theatre in New York City. This concert is for drawing attention to World AIDS Day. You’ll be able to tune in at the Alicia Keys YouTube channel.