Ble proximity radar

Ble proximity radar

Use your phone to determine the distance from a low-energy bluetooth device Bluetooth Low Energy(4.0) Scanner: Read,Write,Notify, Services & Characteristics Track your lost fitness tracker easily on this bluetooth smart radar. Track your lost fitness tracker easily on this bluetooth smart radar. Microchip's Bluetooth Low Energy device discovery app Live marine radar for worldwide Ship Tracking ! The app will scan, broadcast and locate your Bluetooth Low Energy devices! Beacon scanner for iBeacon / AltBeacon / EddystoneSend Intents to 3rd party app Real-time weather radar with temperatures, warnings, hurricanes and widgets Lightning, thunderstorm, severe weather alerts, storm tracks, forecast and radar Measure RSSI, & Read Characteristics of nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices. BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) test app.

This app can be a GATT Server or a Client. EMF Based Ghost Radar / Ghost Box, Portable Anomaly - Alien Detector Radar - Alien Detector Radar App Real Detector Quick and easy to build a simulated BLE peripheral device and view Record and Map Bluetooth Low Energy devices Radar.Media app lets you visualize campaigns created at Radar.Media site. An app platform that supports Bluetooth data features for MCHP BT platforms Drive Safe, Be Aware, and Avoid Tickets with the iRadar Community! Setup the WiFi credentials of an ESP32 over BLE or Bluetooth Serial. Radar activity for your Android device Cypress BLE-Beacon is a Bluetooth LE utility developed by Cypress Semiconductor ST BLE Sensor application allow you to access to all the sensors data Microchip's Bluetooth Low Energy Sensor Board App Turn your phone into a radar gun, record speed and videos, and analyze results. Surveillance - Find & Track Bluetooth WiFi Devices or People With These Devices This app helps you to find all UUIDs with names supported by a remote device The Bluetooth Radar is a simulation entertainment tool. The BLE Tool provides an easy control for Bluetooth low energy device. Determine if your device supports the Bluetooth Low Energy feature (BLE). Scan Bluetooth Low Energy Peripherals, detect iBeacon. Test NXP Bluetooth® LE demo applications for NXP Conectivity chipsets . Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Console Enjoy and RelaxEasy Gets and sets BLE Firmware and properties to HID Mobile Access Readers. Firmware update tool for Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Explore your Bluetooth low energy devices with nRF Toolbox. Turn your phone into a radar gun, record speed and videos, and analyze results. Display distance to target point!

NEO GPS radar Keypad app to remotely control Escornabot bots via Bluetooth Low Energy Find Your Lost SmartWatch, Headphones, Fitness Tracker, and Bluetooth LE Devices BleRf Test can measure the quality of an RF link. Application to read Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data from Sensor Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Classic Scanner. Downloadable scan data.

Find lost devices. Bluetooth Low Energy demonstration for wireless digital component sensors Checks if your Android device supports Bluetooth Smart (BLE). Scan and obtain information about Low Energy Bluetooth Devices in your vicinity. Explore the Bluetooth Low Energy UUIDs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tool created by and for developers and enthusiasts A useful Bluetooth Low Energy tool to help you see the BLE devices around you. GATTBrowser????Bluetooth low energy???????????????????????????????????????? Radar Detector : Pro helps you avoid being caught in speed camera traps. Sonim BLE Connect is useful to connect BLE accessories with Sonim XP8 devices. Broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.

iBeacon,Eddystone & AltBeacon supported. This App is a Terminal app, data are sent via Bluetooth BLE. Rec Logs. The STM32 BLE Profiles is designed to connect to and read data from devices Nearby - Gives you an opportunity to chat with people around Scan and log BLE beacons, iBeacons, AltBeacons and Eddystone are supported. Manage your beacons with Google's Beacon Registry. Connects your phone to heart rate devices using Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart based) App to transmit/receive BLE beacons This App is designed to use with external BLE Anti-lost Alarm. Smooth display of live planes on a map : a flight tracker with plane photos. cTracing is an application of a Bluetooth anti-loss device Shows the last connected GPS location for your bluetooth devices Scan for nearby iBeacons and other Bluetooth Low-Energy devices A simple iBeaon, AltBeacon, Eddystone and RuuviTag scanner pfod - Control micro-devices from your Andriod.

No Android programming required. StretchSense Bluetooth low energy compatible application. Bluetooth Smart based UART interface for Android. BLE ToolBox supports various standard Low Energy Services/Profiles. The SmartTags app connects to Bluetooth® low energy Proximity devices Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Find me, Anti-Lost, Data Transfer, Sensor, R/C Device is HeartRate (BLE) plug-in for Web API Plug-in. Wirelessly connect your Android device to an Adafruit Bluefruit LE module. Bluetooth smart Heart Rate Monitor & Recorder with HRV Capability (in real time) Bluetooth Low Engery Tire Presure Moniting System App that simulates a BLE Peripheral.

Use to try out Web Bluetooth. With the OLP245 app you can evaluate u-blox’ Bluetooth low energy module OLP425. This App is designed to use with external BLE Anti-lost Alarm. Creates a spreadsheet with values of the Leica DISTO™ Control BLE P click from your Android smartphone. A simple Bluetooth low energy app. Configure Legrand sensors with Bluetooth. WOW Scanner - Free all in one proximity App[ BAR-CODE, QR-CODE, NFC, BLE-BEACON] Management and configuration app for ProximiPRO beacons RQ Door supports the smart door controllers of Runqun Electronics. Detect hidden spy cameras and listening devices using DetectIT Device Detector use iTag BLE devices as "magic buttons" to send message, IFTTT action, location Demonstration app based on the Spark Compass IoT Communication Platform. Active Suspension Control BLELower your Air Suspension with your Smartphone! ????? No.1 Fixing tool, Easily Fix and Calibrate the Proximity Sensor ????? Bluetooth Signal Strength Meter. Minimal service for turning off the screen using the proximity sensor Know yourself and your environment with SenseView sensor toolbox! Lightweight all in one pro app [ BLE, NFC, BAR-CODE, QR-CODE, HF-RFID ] Scan and configure beacons with nRF Beacon app. Configuration/management app for BlueBeacon-series beacons with FW 5.0 or higher Silicon Labs Blue Gecko WSTK Android App Sonim Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Connectivity An Android based Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway for Hidden Microphone Detector is the best app to detect Hidden Microphone. A counter based on the proximity sensor. Reliably warns you of approaching rain in time. Beacon, Eddystone scanner and management app.

Executes actions by beacon events. Create iBeacon demos in 5 minutes with the ProximiPRO management platform. Use an external bluetooth GPS device with Android mobile or tablets Simple tool to test if your proximity sensor is working, or if you have one! Live flight tracker app with latest flight status and plane finder information. SensorTag uses Bluetooth low energy for communicating with your smartphone. A must have application to know the "health" of your Android device. Detect hidden cameras and microphones from upto 15 cm away.

Stay safe from spies Control your electronic project with your Android device using Bluetooth. Simple, fast & 100% working hidden device finder app. Find cam, mic, bug ?? Android GUI to pilot the ST drone by BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection SensAiry - Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) WOW Scanner-Pro - All in one proximity App[ BAR-CODE, QR-CODE, NFC, Bmw genius app all Sensors in your mobile device Multi Factor Authentication,MFA,2FA,Google Authenticator,Security,Free The ultimate tool for the sensors of your smartphone. BLE TPMS Find and track your lost phone, wallet, keys, anything Use your phone as a bite alarm receiver Konfigurationsapp fur ADZ NAGANO Bluetooth Drucktransmitter Beacon scanner and transmitter from the makers of the Android Beacon Library View any Bluetooth beacon around you, like Eddystone, URL and iBeacon devices. This App will force simulate the Proximity call sensor service operation PREE is ats - driver app BLE chip, that alerts you before your belongings gets out of range Connect to Bluetooth LE devices, detect Beacons and measure Signal Strength Application for testing sensors Bluetooth LE Scanner allows you to check if your Android device supports BLE Future is here, Gesture recognition, turn off/on your screen by swipe of a hand! Discovering BLE Beacons nearby - using proximity Bluetooth Low Energy AD packet measurement app The Android application that allow configure a BLE peripheral simulator. Quickly scan for iBeacon, AltBeacon and Eddystone. #1st BLE chat app on Play storeBluetooth Low Energy Chat, Scanner and Terminal FlagFit 2.0 is a stylish movement sleep monitoring Bluetooth low energy products Speedy Bee is an Appllication for Flight controller parameters settings. Bluetooth 4.0 device scan App for DUR-line SF 4000 BT - Satfinder Evothings Viewer is the companion app for Evothings Studio. A simple application for newbies in Bluetooth LE. Connects to the Opro9 Wearable to notify parents when a child wets their diaper. Scan and discover your Bluetooth low energy devices bmw genius app nRF Connect for Mobile. Sync date, time, alarms and more settings of your wall clock remotely via BLE. This App is used for controlling LED lights by BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy).


Connects your phone to heart rate devices using Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart based) App to transmit/receive BLE beacons This App is designed to use with external BLE Anti-lost Alarm.

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