Audio frequency counter

Audio frequency counter

Audio Frequency Counter Audio Spectrum Analyzer Measure rythms, pulses and other frequencies by tapping! Shows audizine levels of the various frequencies in your audio signal in realtime Explore binaural frequencies, record your sessions in wav / mp3 / ogg. It is an application that in real time displays the bts wallpaper and lockscreen and pitch. App meters sound noise level (SPL) and analyses sound frequency spectrum. Frequency Sound Generator - waveform audio signal generator/ function generator Sound Frequency Analyzer App is a tool for frequencies and amplitudes analysis. Sound level meter ( dBa, dBc) with spectrum analyzer & calibration. The Sound Meter & Frequency Meter is your professional sound meter app Smart tool with Sound Level Meter and Real time Audio Analyzer Real-time FFT Audio Spectrum Analyzer for your Android device! Count claps or other sound events with this app. Measure Harmonic to Noise Ratio (Harmonicity), Jitter & Shimmer. Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meter, A & C Weighting, Third Octaves Spectrum.

. Turn your Android phone into a professional audio analyser with up to 30 bands. Professional realistic vintage audio spectrum analyzer See your voice, music or audio . whatever your microphone can hear! It is a tool to measure the frequency of sound. Dual channel function generator for the audio output. No Ads. No Permissions. Generate a tone with a frequency between 1Hz and 22000Hz. Free real-time audio analyser. Display microphone audio as coloured spectrogram. Simple sound frequency generator Radio Frequency Detector-Frequency Receiver-Picks up frequency Waves. Easy tone generator for your workshop, laboratory, sound checks or personal use Acoustic frequency analysis with tone detection and sound level meter! Real-time precision audio spectrum analyzer for sound enthusiasts A handy real-time audio spectrum and btu aircondition ??????????????? analyzer. A complete sound package for the sound engineer or enthusiast A Sound Level Meter (SLM) and a Spectrum Analyzer (RTA) at your fingertips! Fundamental frequency measurement: error less than 0.04%.

Doppler Effect Sound Frequency Measure App The App detects ultrasound signals 20-150 KHz in foreground-background modes. Spectrum Analyzer is real-time powerful tool to visualize and analyze signals Oscilloscope - spectrum analyzer microphone signal InfraSound Detector allows you to detect infrasound signals below 20 Hz. Frequency Sound Generator, Function Generator & Waveform Audio signal generator Sound Frequency Generator generates Sound based on different frequency. Professional Tool Spectrum Analyze gives you real-time spectrum data from the microphone. Acceleration, frequency, acceleration amplitude and oscillation amplitude Simply generate a tone with a frequency between 1Hz and 22000Hz An SPL Meter and Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer for the Android phone. Measure AC magnetic fields from your device's magnetic field sensor This app is measure the frequency of sound in Hz. The ultimate audio spectrum analyzer app! AudioTool: Fully Featured SPL, dB and Sone Meter, plus Audio Spectrum Analyzer Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats for chakras meditation and cleansing. Measure the environmental noise by tidy sound meter Audio Tone Generator 20 - 20 000 Hz.

Perfect for testing or pranking! Visualize sound from your Android's microphone. Signal generator creates Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square audio frequencies. Signal generator creates Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square audio frequencies. ToneGen Audio Tone Generator Free App for Android Use these high frequency sounds as ringtones only young people can hear! Vibration accelerometer (measure - store - analyze) It is an application which displays the pitch in real time. How low can your bass go?

Find out with this subwoofer test app! Simple spectrum analyzer with fine frequency accuracy Make your device a professional sound level (SPL) meter! 0-120dB+ range. Smartphone sound level meter which can measure the background noise mVIBE - vibration meter on your smartphone. Analyze the spectrum and the process Pulse Echo Sonar Meter. Free & No Ads. Test your Subwoofer! Detection life decibels, Healthy Living. ? Measure the sound with Best Sound Meter application!

? Tone and noise generator for with frequency from 1Hz to 25k Hz for all purposes. The Sound Meter and Frequency Meter is your professional sound meter app Measure magnetic flux density from the magnetic field sensor on your device. Generate pure sine wave tones at frequencies from 20hz to 22,000hz. A simple RF Signal Detector tool to monitor RF signal & to analyse wifi signals. High quality sound recorder, simple and easy record everything Frequency Generator, Sound Generator, Signal Generator, Simple Tone Generator Strobily is the most accurate strobe light app on Android. Detect signal frequency, signal strength and data speed of network and WI-FI A Sound Meter (SLM) and a Spectrum Analyzer (RTA) at your fingertips! Measure environmental noise with your device. sound (frequency) generator - is a simple wave form sound generator. Measure the environmental noise by sound meter & know the decibel value in live. Precise sound & noise level meter (dba, decibel) with audio spectrum analyzer oscilloscope for android, wave signal analysis, frequency detection.

Also tuner Free Signal Generator (Sine/Tri/Saw/Square) Professional Audio Tone Generator for the sound engineer, musician or enthusiast Detect EM fields around you and amaze your friends with what your phone can do! Bluetooth Signal Strength Meter. Change your phone into sound level meter. 528 hz - DNA Repair & Ecstatic States Generate a tone with frequency between 1HZ to 22000HZ on your Smartphone/tablet Turn your phone into an audio signal generator Application with which you will be able to tune your music instrument quickly. Find out what the frequency of a specific CB/LPD/PMR/UHF/Marine VHF channel is. Oscope is an Oscilloscope that displays audio waves taken from your microphone. FIND CELLULAR RADIATION & devices (healthy radiation) around you with lat- long Turn your phone into a professional spectrum analysis tool Useful Decibel Meter and Sound Meter for Sound Test and Noise Leve Test in live. Measure environmental noise with this SPL sound meter using your device Monitor strength of nearby wifi networks. RFrequency is a free Frequency/Channel Calculator for RF Engineer. Small and easy to use utility to physically measure RPM or rotating objects Professional sound meter in your pocket Measure environmental noise with this SPL sound meter using your device Sound level meter,sound measure,sound pressure meter,sound check,dB meter This app uses multiple device sensor inputs to collect, record, and export data. Measure vibrations or earthquakes with your device. Get a good idea of the Cellular and WiFi signal strength, networks and speed. Measure the volume of sounds using your ANDROID. You’re Smartphone Can Measure Radiation Exposure Satellite Finder - Dish Pointer The network cell signal monitoring tool for LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA. Premium Sound Meter Measuring Noise in Decibel(dB) Radiation detector measure the amount of radiation emitted by electronic devices Measure phone's vibration and the earthquake with your device. SatCatcher allows you to orient your dish to any satellite. Perform a pure-tone audiometry on your mobile device. 40+ multi Utility tools in one App, use full for everyday life. All DTH Frequency in single app Measure and save environmental noise and vibration with your device. Professional light intensity (lux) meter for your android device. Measure length, angle, distance, height, direction and sound with your device. This is the best EMF detector to detect magnetic field around the surroundings Radiation Detector can measure the exposure of radiation from electronic devices Multimeter/Oscilloscope in your smartphone. The reference app to measure, diagnose, and help you deal with EMF exposure. Sound You Can See !

See frequencies and waveform from audio captured by the mic. Analyze your voice pitch and which gender it will be perceived as Precise software implementation of chromatic tuner. A light weight app for detecting ultrasound activities around your device Generate high pitch sounds near ultra sonic! Use for pranks or hearing tests! Detect hidden cameras and microphones from upto 15 cm away.

Stay safe from spies Tool for measuring sound level around you Binaural Beats for Deep Sleep, Focus, Meditation & More!Pure SoundNo loops NoiseCapture is an App dedicated to the measurement of environmental noise. Count words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, size and much more from text Record any sound, play it backwards.Just have fun or seek for backmasking :) The App turns your device into an active frequency response audio analyzer. Stop your surrounding noise ! You can now detect hidden devices and bugs using this electronic bug detector Noise dB meter and analyzer app that measures the sound volume level decibels Reduce vocal noises from your videos using a band reject filter Professional realistic vintage audio LED VU meter. Super simple app for musical notes visualization. gStrings - a chromatic tuner for the guitar, violin, or any other instrument. Test the bass in your subwoofer, car or home audio system or headphones. Real time audio spectrum analyzer and recorder with analysis and data export. an open source physics data logger of sound intensity/frequency from phone mic Measure the environmental noise by tidy sound meter or sound level meter.


A light weight app for detecting ultrasound activities around your device Generate high pitch sounds near ultra sonic! Use for pranks or hearing tests! Detect hidden cameras and microphones from upto 15 cm away. Stay safe from spies

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